ansi basics by omega red
ansi basics by omega red
ansi basics ABCs and 123s... by One Eyed Willie iLL and Omega Red RUNE/AiM/ X-SHiVER--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
first thing you gotta
do is make it so its
messy... why? it makes
the ansi look more
complicated to make
than it really is...
in other words, right
now it looks too
simple and symmetric.
that hair has got to go...
good general shape tho, a
good start.
lalalala ...
hum dum dee ...
alrite, it
no longer looks
like hair, but
it sure looks
and isnt the
point to make
the ansi better?
it looks like
a beefed up
guy on steroids
but looks good
ansi wise.
some touching
up and its done.
the freakin end.?!?
now do the font Oew ...