01:13 vect0rx addiction is just a word made by people who cant drive fucked
00:37 fah i saw fahrenheit 9/11 last night
00:37 fah i thought it was going to be about me. :
00:37 fah not some liberal propaganda
21:43 fah since radman is a dirty jew i installed an old hard drive to get some old collies off of it. its amazing how much better internet porn has gotten.
21:43 fah whats even more amazing is I jacked off to this crap.
radman whats your Defcon talk about again?
SketchCow The documentary.
SketchCow Its a 50 minute ad for my documentary.
SketchCow A tech demo.
SketchCow Couched as a why you should do a documentary speech.
SketchCow Just like your talk at ASM is a 50 minute ad of why you
euro chicks should come to my hotel tonight
SketchCow This history gives me a boner... a 9 INCH BONER
meaningful glance to various members of audience
SketchCow Lets say you wanted to make an ASCII out of my hotel
room number, 302
SketchCow Notice I sign it KB1, which means King Bed
23:21 sd unemployed again
23:21 spinsane oh :
23:21 spinsane is that bad?
23:22 sd yah
23:22 sd but ill find a new job
23:22 spinsane true
23:22 spinsane as long as its not a big deal
23:22 spinsane and gives you more time to rip :D
23:22 sd im a fast working slave
23:22 sd hehe
23:22 sd hehe
23:22 sd well less money for ripping
23:22 spinsane true
23:22 spinsane haha
23:22 spinsane im looking to find a second job soon
23:22 sd maybe i should start to sell my body
23:23 sd i remember that a gay person
23:23 spinsane hahaha
23:23 sd tried to buy me once
23:23 spinsane wtf
23:23 sd so maybe theres money in it
02:20 radman bah
02:21 radman Im getting stalked by horny chicks
02:21 radman I should have never joined this dating site
02:21 hxAWAY like its such a bad thing
02:21 hxAWAY and dont you HAVE a girlfriend?
02:21 radman hahaha
02:21 radman I broke up with her
02:21 hxAWAY oh
02:21 hxAWAY well, thats different then
02:21 radman and now I understand why internet dating is so so wrong
02:21 radman haha
02:21 whirr81 oh no, this hot chick wants a ride on the sausage express
02:21 radman dude
02:21 radman it was like... weird.
02:21 radman 2 weeks, nothing
02:21 hxAWAY take the skin bus to tuna town
02:21 radman then BOOM.
02:22 whirr81 whatever shall i do to protect my moral and ethical center?
02:22 whirr81 be a politician. drop your pants and pole the public.
22:44 Scour finally finished this layout
22:44 Scour o/s layouts teh bitchz0r
22:44 spinsane scour - only yours :
22:44 Scour ?
22:44 Scour come again?
22:45 Scour ..but on the face this time please
22:45 spinsane hahah
22:45 spinsane your layouts are a bitch
22:45 Scour they are hot though
22:45 spinsane since theyre like playing Jenga
15:42 Smo0 lol
15:42 Smo0 no
15:42 * Enigmagic is now known as Enigmatic
15:43 psg how about LOL on your ass, using the butthole as the o?
21:17 sd my next colly should be ISO
21:17 sd sdasc.iso
21:18 sd and should be released by the group -sdiso
21:18 sd so incase people want to view the ascii
21:18 sd they have to load it up in daemontools
21:18 sd or burn it on a cd
21:18 sd :D
16:32 nightrain Never, under any circumstances,
16:32 nightrain take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night
00:42 fxxxx dude
00:42 fxxxx i owned dell
00:42 fxxxx
00:42 fxxxx i broke their db
21:13 wizy snoop dog giving out awards with victoria secret models
21:13 wizy what have video games come to