heres a joint ascii. polymorph and polymorph working together ..
ll :llll::::....
: some abstract pornography for lllll::::::::..
l all you ascii geeks out there .. :llllllll::::..
: lllll::::.
l lllll::
l lll:
l .,, .ll
l ,ll. lll
8: ,l. :l
l , l
: li ll
l ll. ll
: ll. l
l :: :l
l ll. ll
l l ,l
l :7: ll
l:7 ll
l 4ll
l7 ll
l :l
l l
: l
l :
l l
l :
l :
l :
. 4
l ,
l ,d l
: ,dl :
: gl l
bggggg: :
4 l
l l
l 4 l
: 4 l
l 4 l
: 4 7 lll
l l PM l7 llll
lllllllllll . ,7 ll::
lllllllll::::::::::lllll QQ7 ::
llll::::::::: ::::ll: 47
:::: llllll::
Qp. ,gQQpgQQp. Qp. ,gQ PM
. l , b,,,,..
l ,. 4b. .
l: j l 4b. l
:l 4 l b.4l, ,
jb. : l : ..ggb.4 oO7
b. ,jQQb.. /, .
b.+ j
b. +j
ok. heres some new school ascii from
that euro though voted american by
people in ascii called polymorph...
yeah i know, this shit is not new,
but heck, got so boring. and now
that i have done some radical changes
to my ascii profile, joined remorse, again
started drawing again i figured i
could just as well pick up this nu-nu
school tech stuff. so. here it is.