Well, the month of October has just pasted. Probably the busiest time
of the year for all school students. Im sure most of the modeming world
has taken a downfall in activity. It probably affected RIOT the most. Many of
our artists are still in High School and we do not have a really HUGE team. We
still felt it necessary to release a pack this month, even though its so damn
small. Oh well, its quality not quantity... sometimes.
The breakup of TaG left many quality artists and coders freelance.
Tomahawk, the former TaG senior member, grabbed a bunch of coders and formed
a new coding group. The group is called LCC for Leviathan Coding Cartel.
It will be the RIOT Coding Division, meaning they are a seperate team
within RIOT. Baffling aint it? The members include Tomahawk, Poe, Lyb ,
Mr. Sinister, Macabre Death, The Fugitive, and Lord Pegasus. This is not
an official member list.
Guy, our esteemed courier coodinator, had been removed from the
coodinator position. He just couldnt handle it plain and simple. I didnt
even bother listing Guy this month, since he didnt even call out often.
Bane replaced Guy as the new coodinator, but a few days after that he
became the coodinator for HEAT and then the Telecom Leader for ACiD. So
once again, RIOT is without a real coodinator, thus without a couriering
New artists this month - Boomer, iNCUBUS, Maelstrom
SilverHawk, The Guardian, Too Short
New sites this month - Distant Lands 613 Canadian HQ
Redrum 714 Western HQ
Alpha Sector 310 Distribution
Apocalyptic Teacup 416 Distribution
Cains Legacy 213 Distribution
Channel Zer0 714 Distribution
Corrupt Society 512 Distribution
Pentagon 510 Distribution
Revolution 9 305 Distribution
Shadow of Deceit 801 Distribution
The Gene Pool 609 Distribution
Total Chaos 203 Distribution
We definitely need more good couriers, so if you want to help out, it
shouldnt hurt to apply. But hell, if youre reading this right now, and its
the 1st or 2nd day of November somebody must be doing a hell of a job
Finally, if you have any requests, applications, questions, comments,
.. well then .. uhh.. you know where to contact us.
- Megatron
- Senior Member
All RIOT Members: Second verse, same as the first.
Ghost Rider: Yeah yeah. Dont forget to call me and tell me about how hard
this pack sux and stuff.
Dreadlord: So where are all your babes?
LCC Members: Glad you guys are a part of RIOT.
Guy: Having one of those not-so-fresh days again huh?
KiP: Make my shit the Chronic.. I wants to get fucked up.
Beastie: Too bad about TaG. Whatever you decide to go or do, were behind
you 110 percent.
Holy Diver: Glad your staying around.
SilverHawk/AfterShock: So where are the rich boys?
HALLUCiNATiON: Man, youre one sick puppy.
The Guardian: Damn dude, wake up!
Boomer/iNCUBUS/Maestrom: Welcome aboard.
Spawn/Gamma: Great job this month guys.
Shots out to the big three: iCE, ACiD, TRiBE