Wassup everybody? Well, 1994 has finally arrived and this is the
fourth RIOT Uprising. Im sure all the groups are excited about starting out
the new year with a bang. First thing I would like to do is to send shots
out the all the sysops who recently had their board taken down by the pigs.
Around 818, there are only a few remaining elite boards, most of them taking
extreme precautions. So heres to the memory of those boards and groups that
went down in 93.
Ok, now the biggest news going on at the RIOT Headquarters is the
leaving of Ghost Rider from the Senior Member position as well as the group.
Although he has been inactive from the scene for a long time, his abscence
from the team will be missed.
Maelstrom quit from the group to go to iCE. Seems like everybody
wants to play Benedict Arnold these days. If you are reading this right
now, I would like to say that I understand your reason for leaving and that
everybody in RIOT is cool with your decision. Good luck in iCE.
This months new RIOT members are:
Mad Style - Formally known as Pharcyde, he has decided to leave his
group KRONiCK to join RIOT. He draws anything from ANS
to GIF to RIP. He will definitely be a big part of
RIOT in the near future.
Boa - He was with RIOT as a trial artist, but has now been
moved into the group officially. He is excellent at
drawing fonts and such.
Big Brother - A new RIOT courier. He will help out alot of the
distribution to certain boards.
The courier coordinator position at RIOT has finally been filled.
The Jester our own The Jester has become the new CC and will clean up the
site:courier problem that we have been having. Kudos to him.
RIOT is in need of some good coders. If you are interested contact
us on Malicious Intent 818570-6768.
This months Uprising Pack displays some incredible artwork,
especially from Crime Lord, Spawn, and StreakeR, so sit back and enjoy. Oh,
and if you have any requests, comments, questions, or applications then you
know where to find us.
- Megatron
- RIOT Senior Member
RIOT Members: Keep up the good work guys!
Ghost Rider: Remember they use to thump, but now they blast right?
Dreadlord: You have the next Uprising.
Kip: 6 months and counting. Is that a record?
Too Short: Help Kip with that ansimation.
Mad Style: Welcome aboard.
Holy Diver: RIOT meet, your place! j/k
Spawn: Guess whos back in the muthafuckin house?
Crimelord/StreakeR/SilverHawk: Great job this month guys.
Gamma: Less quantity, more quality? Coolness.
Maelstrom: Congrats, your an official sellout!
iNCUBUS: Getting better all the time. Amazing.
Tomahawk: Hello? Hello? Helloooooo? Nevermind.
BTW, good luck to all the other groups in 94!