woowoo lewk at me by sammael
woowoo lewk at me by sammael
My School Ascii CollectionN/Asammael
welp... im back in the scene after a two month leave of absence. anemia isso i joined rile. major greets to gf of order. and coug formerly of anemia.
See Em All LoseRoland Maximussammael
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--------------SNIP-SNIP-----------------------------------------------------this is my first new school ascii. ack. i dont really like new school, buthere i am doing it. i used to hate ascii and now thats what i do. maybe illbe doing only new school. i hope not. oh well, greets go out to spear, essbee,flame, deathnite, and coug. and just so you all know, im white. not blacklike everyone in the scene like to pretend to be... if you want an ascii e-mailme at sammael@zipnet.com or find me in rile as sm. later everyone. --sammael
Rare SomaFlamesammael
smxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx s s
CodineLuke Skywalkersammael
/ / / /sm/ :. :. .: :. :. :. / / / : / / / /... / / ... / ... /
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Just so you all know. This is the first pack ive ever done old school ascii inand the second ive done new school ascii in. Im going to do more ansi next
month. sm-tsz01.ans was the first old school ascii ive done. tbf was the