ascii colly by cidica
ascii colly by cidica
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.:.o SasS S ,, o.:.:.:samasyssamsaa sy . ys a sy , gyysagygsnasyssa:.:.:S R aSSs sSa, Sa,E@s@ ,aSCIDS:.:o:XCID, aSSs ,I,S maasSS:o:::. . , . , . .::RILe cID tO tHE Sa, ,. @ss@ mUDDAfUKKIN aKUH rILE------------------------------------------------------------------------cidica represent.. word. this is my ascii logo colly for rile. if you dont likeit, i dont care. if you like it, you may request a logo at illput you on my request list. check the arch pack for all the phat cidica ascii pics, and other ascii pics, because arch is an all ascii group.. yay. anyways.. check out this garbage, and after, i guess you can check out the rest of the pack.i dont know about you but this fucking blinking is hurting my eyes. arrrrg...------------------------------------------------------- bitz. ss ,aa, ------ Sa, mmmmm
, ,ammmmm,
, bitZ Ztib ,
cid- S -ica
------------------------------------------------------- milk. ------ ,.
a a
,. , a
S , a .
,a , , a , ,.
aS , a aS a,CID
,aS. aS ,, a
---- ,,Ss , ,.a ,a ------------------------------------
--- ,assS .,sa,..aSa, ,a ----------------------------------
a a sSa. a,.
------------------------------------------------------- dread ------
lookin old s / / // // / chool. y0e ..
------------------------------------------------------- s0ap. ------
. ,aSSS ymmmaSa,.
,aa, SSS S SSS,
: . ,aa,
a a Sa .
S Smm,. Smmmmma,
a, ,a . .
,a ,aS
SSasmmmmsaSS SmmmmmS
Sbsss ss, . ssss
s, SSSS s ,a asaS
. sssmmmmmyS
SasaS Scid
Smmm@as, sa@mmySssmaayS
aySSya it sez s0ap
------------------------------------------------------- split242 ------- .,.
asygmmnnayygasgsyyaysmaass d sy ,. ays ayynsnyysnnyaagymmmagagmamagsgsaaas
X S S@ ,a
,a@@, ,a. .,aa,, ,. S SS
X a,.s .,s S , d SPLIT242
S S sS a , a , S,a XS
,a s S a , S S ,d, a
@ad, @aas s SS,. S ,Sas .,aas,. S , .,aas,.S
Sssssss d sss@S@asaaaasasas ,. a ,....
sPLIT242bYcIDICAS a , a
@SS@ s a , s
,a ,aSS@a.yS,. ,a
a ,a a ,a
Sa,. .,S ,Sa. Sa,. .,S
------------------------------------------------------- e n d -------- ,aS ,aS ,aSSa,
------------------- Sa, --------------------- mm
mmS S Smmmmmmm
,aSSa, ,aSSa, Sa, ,aS ,aSS,
--------- Smmmmma, ---------- mm ,ssa,
Smmmmmmm S Smm S SmmS
,aSSa, ,aSSa, Sa, ,aSSa,
------------- -------------- mm
mmmmmmm Smm by now, you have finished my colly. two nuclear missiles has been activated byending of this colly. you will smell death. you will smell fear. you will tasteyour own flesh being melted by the radioactive juices entering your mindtaste your mind, as your brain begins to melt. feel it. love it. have a nIce day---------------------------notice. you are dead.------------------------------