January 96' by Member List
January 96' by Member List
- --- --Rigor Me
hm! .oO Senior Staff Members Oo.
Sportz sp
Skippers Son ss
Brass Monkey bm
Hack Master hm
Corpulent Cow cc
.oO Ansi Artists Oo.
Creature of Hell ch
The Devils Pawn dp
Jazzman jm
Mierditas mi
Mr. Wizard mw
Ibanez ib
Bassmaster ba
The Reaper tr
.oO Ascii Artists Oo.
Scoobie sc
Stigmata st
Sell Out so
Phantasm pt
.oO VGA Artists Oo.
Deranged Fan df
Locus ls
Lucifer lc
Master Stargate ms
Cross Faced Chick Wing 1
Prometheus pr
Uplink up
.oO Music Division Oo.
Openface of
Contagius ct
Orpheus or
.oO Codeing Divis
J.g. jg
Tindalos tn
Cardz cz
.oO Couriers Oo.
The Plaque
.oO Affiliated Boards Oo.
Gates Of Doom 516.859.3116 Senior Board
Raging Fluids 516.884.0418 Senior Board
Downind Run 516.981.0736 Senior Board
Sabotage 516.564.1820 Senior Board
The Vortex 516.689.1129 Member Board
The 37th Chamber 516.XXX.XXXX Member Board
East-West Connection 516.368.1030 Member Board
Bored of Reason 919.756.3206 Member Board
The Kings Throne 516.696.2056 Member Board
Panic Fluid 612.379.1615 Member Board
The Ravaged Nightmare 516.234.8670 Distribution
Black Sunshine 516.621.0908 Distribution
The Rebel Base 718.967.5422 Distribution
- New Members
* - Members thrown into major category, even though they
may produce in other categories.
----- member list compiled 12 / 21 / 95 -----