January 96' by News Letter
January 96' by News Letter
why.. this font looks beautiful...
- n e w s l e t t e r
---- - - . well .. this is the dece
mber release of RIGOR.. which marks our second pack that
s right.. a whopping 2 packs. as Im sure you know, IOA
transformed into rigor last month. well, alot of changes have
been made, all positive, to bring you higher quality, and j
ust an overall better pack : .. rigor would like to pers
onally say goodbye sob to one of sob our great ansi
sob artists.. weeping s.a.n. man, who left due to lack
of interest, time concerns, etc.. we
wish him luck wherever he decides to go, or whatever he decides to
do ..
- w a i t . . . y o u r d e a d ! ------------
. no we arent : .. yes, we declared ourselves dead.. yes
we didnt
notify most of the members, yes we released the pack, yes were al
yes your grandmother can only eat strained peas... etc.. yes : ..
is alive and kickin .. rigor? alive? paradox? all members that a
rent on
the member list were either in the inactive status, or the moro
status.. or .. maybe we just plan forgot :7 let us know anyway, an
d well
take it from there..
- w a s t h e r e e v e r a m e r g e ? ----
. to clarify a question that has been asked all over again,
I must repeat
myself.. IOA transformed into RIGOR.. which was basically just a
change, and staff flipping, and a few new members.. no biggie.. th
ere was
no merge with blahblahblah into rigor .. there was a senior add
as I like to call it : .. because thats the only thing that chang
ed.. :
- b y e , b y e , f l a m e -----------------------
. well .. news is news.. whether good or bad, it must not b
e kept
from the public!: .. flame, a very talented ansi artist, was dism
from RIGOR due to problems with relations to the staff members, on
ideas important to the group, and his membership.
- r i g o r n e t ? -----------------------------
. rigor net will be coming back into the land of the living
, now that
us staff members decided not to kill it rigor : . so .. look fo
to those tons and tons of messages on exciting topics such as: th
e best
way to piss off sportz : ..
- w h o t h e h e l l w r o t e t h i s ? ----
. me
- w h o t h e h e l l i s m e ? --------------
. me is hack master, so if you have a problem with this new
sletter, or
the coolie font at the top, then.. let me know, and Ill ignore yo
u from
then on .. : ..
- i s t h e r e a p o i n t t o t h i s ? -
. i dont think so .. but.. I asked to write the newsletter,
and .. my
mind went blank .. oh well .. your loss I guess.. eh? :
- b y e , b y e ----------------------------------
. ok this is the end part.. this is the part where I the a
uthor greet
all my friends, and anyone I can fit on the page.. but first, Id
like to
re-state that any members not on the member list, should contact e
me, skippers son, sportz, brass monkey, or any other staff member.
you for your time .. :
- g r r r r r e a t s ! --------------------------
. heres a few greets.. I dont want to get carried away : .
.: dmitri,
all rigor members, rigor seniors, ice, acid, cia, any other group
then us, my pet rock, my goldfish, my cat who has nipple clamps
miasma, ibanez, poster, buck naked, and anyone else who I might of
forgotten due to the fact that it is late, and I am quite tired..
: ok
thank you again : .. cya next pack or sooner I guess .. :
- i l e s t f i n i t ! ------------------------
newsletter by hack master / rigor seniors insp
iration: my own stupidity
btw: thedraw and aciddraw really need spellcheck : ignore the e