information by aeleus
information by aeleus
When I was young the only access to ansi art was from poor quality local
boards in my area code. The local boards rarely hosted releases from top
art groups. So when a new art pack made its way to my remote locale I
did whatever I could to fix my download ratio and get the pack. In these
early days it was rare to see nudity. I will never forget seeing iCEs
October 1992 release. Once I reassembled my mind after viewing Tempus
Thales Korova Milkbar ad I was drawn to the work of RePete Ophender.
They werent just blocks of naked ladies, they were playfully sexy. They
evoked the same excitement you got when you stole your fathers Playboy
magazine you werent nearly of age to be reading. Furthermore, RePete
released them to be used as a user statistics page for your own use on
a board with no disclaimer against their use. He wanted to see them out
on the boards. And they were used.
They were fun, sexy, and naughty.
So here are four more. They are a tribute, a cover song if you like
that deviates from the originals somewhat but tries to capture the
original feeling RePete gave teenage boys in 1992. If you are inclined
feel free to use them for anything. They are meant to be shared.