Reign Info by Pic:Taintedx .iCe.
Reign Info by Pic:Taintedx .iCe.
MeMbers The ScOop....
Lost Soul Yes yes it is a new group and
Dyingsoul we are now are
Klumzee checking out chapter 1 of the
Photek reign chronicals. if you want
to apply send us email at:
include a zip of your work and
Alla Xul itp a little bit about yourself
Shrimp awe i.e. previous groups, how long
Taintedx iCE you been drawing...things like
Scrye Sense that...also we need vga artists
Zero Vision Avenge where are you guys??
Spirit of Rage Brotherhood to work on a web prolect
Chronix Force email the group if you
Rzicus Avenge are interested...enjoy the pak
Sephiroth Genuine
Some Words from Lost Soul
Release day huh? wow only 1 month ago it was just a fun conversation
in ans and now its a reality. well for those of you who dont know
whats up then you wont for awhile. we are the new kids on the block
as you would call it. first release, everyone expecting it, and hell
i know im kinda nervous and curious as to what the reaction will be.
but the releases will only get better as i look forward to some people
that are now looking at the pak to take me up on my offers hint!.
but i do have to say a few things first. thanks to all the people who
guested in reigns debut pak. lots of great talent helped me out with
this. and to klumzee, i hope your mom feels gets better soon man,
were pulling for ya. and photek im expecting amazing art next pak :
but for now enjoy what came from 2 people and some guests and joints
much love to the blocks and everyone out there doodling
whether it be ansi/ascii/vga/rip whatever..much love
lost soul