June 97 Newsletter by rCa
June 97 Newsletter by rCa
c Dracula97
r C a
And because we know you dont read it anyways.....
rCa is back and with a vengeance. Missed us? We thought so. So sit back,
relax, and enjoy the show. This month, weve pulled together the largest
collection of our art to date, and I dare say the best collection. This
is our 15th pack, and if that round number doest say rCa is here to
stay then i dont know what does. But enough beating around the bush,
this being a newsletter well get on to the news. Enjoy.
As usual, we have several new members and even some old school rca-ers
coming back to the family. Returning to our ansi/ascii division are
Pirate Box and Cryptic. What brought them back? That good old fashioned
Starlord lovin. RZA joins us, lured by the promise of kinky sex with
Starlord. He almost quit when he found out SL charges 11 per hour, but
then he checked our last fantastic pack and decided to stay. Who could
blame him. Mr Plastik also joins to do ansi, and he doesnt want to come
anywhere near Starlords skanky rear. Good for him. We have a multitude
of artists coming to join our vga division. Our roster now includes
Vega, Per, Mr Orange, Mordecai, OperationX, Skank N, Alba, U4iK, and
last and certainly least the crazy Mr Yuck. Pretty impressive, huh?
As always, we wish these new members the best and continues success
within the group. Also, we had a couple of members leave. The only one
hated enough to get mentioned is Twisted Grip. And what did he do to
deserve this honor? Starlord said it best when he said Man, this
point-of-entry-herpes is killing my mouth.
rCa is pleases to announce that Kitiara, illustrious ANSI artist, has
been promoted to staff. The ansi-drawing wife of Starlord hmm, wonder
if this connection has anything to do with this promotion? is now
supreme ruler of rCas ansi section. We know shell do a fantastic
job. All ansi questions/submissions/etc should be directed to Kit,
whereas VGA concerns will be handled by myself wildcat.
We apologize for any mispellled werds or if we accidently left off a
name or two. After all were only human. Or at least, most of us are.
Also, thenk you to our guest artists, the knight, aspyre, and hansi
the checks are in the mail guys.
Special Note to all rCa artists:
Since this is the only way we can get in contact with ALL of you,
well just have to publicly air a little of our dirty laundry.
Please, all artists, turn in youre work to wildcat and starlord
wildcat@teleplex.net and starlord@upstate.net respectively
in ZIP format, with youre initials in the filename and the pack
date in the filename ex. wc-0697.zip. That will greatly
simplify the pack making process. Thank you.