News File by Starlord
News File by Starlord
Real Creative Artists
Pack 19
Greeting All,
Heres another Fine release by
the RCA crew. I hope everyone enjoys it. I hope I
will since I didnt do the Quatily Control or Packed
this time. This was done by Enzyme, thanks dude!!
Rca has Gain a new member as well Lost one, joining
the RCA crew is SMOKE an ansi artist . Even through
we got a good ansi artist, we lost a great VGA
artist called BONSE to HRG. we wish him the Best!
Another side of the story, RCA and DVS will release
a joint pack next month! wo0p! This is RCA first
time working with another group as a team. So to all
Rca members, Please do your best Because the pack
will be Quality Control By EvilE and I and WE going
to set the standards HIGH!. The dude date is on
July 13th. This time WE must get your release then.
of how the pack will be reviewed and WE need the
Some outside news, When FOS 8e-mag get it. It has
an interview with Lady Blue in it. I did the
interview personal so I hope you will enjoy it.
Also so news RCA is not taking bbs sites at all
so please dont ask, I will just say NO to you. Why?
not take bbs? Main reason is I cant check the BBS out
and I cant keep up with then to see if they are up or
down, Dont get me wrong, I love BBS over internet, but
with the internet RCA can get to people faster then BBS.
So, please take care and have fun with the pack RCA has