The Savage Land by Kitiara
The Savage Land by Kitiara
Theycomefrom everycorner. They answer thissacred call. Withcourage and dedication, theyre willing to give us theirall. They leave theirhomes and families face, bravely,the raging blaze. Earningrespectand gratitude merewordscouldnever convey. LBrCa
the savage lands
+o menace
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This time i want to thank Klumzee from DVS for the BBs font for menace. Also
a big thanks goes to LadyBlue from rCa for the lit..Thanks to the both of you :
to everyone who knows who I am, and who likes to view ansis for the art sake!
special greets goes to the team from rCa, lub you guys :
Menace: I hope you like this ansi:
Special greetings!!!!
Spo0k , I hope this ansi honors the fire fighters throughout the world,who
have placed their lives for people like us.
Please everyone take a Sec and bow your heads and remember those men and women
who have died in the cause of saving lives.