Formerly RAVE Graphics Group Formerly RAVE Graphics Group * * * A N S I * * * July 1994 listing Updated Monthly ... of Members/Sites... G R O U P Compiled by Ron Herr. Senior Staff: Ronnie Herr - RACER - Artists/Members: - RACER - Ronnie Herr Distribution Sites: 20 in 15 states The Game Gamut 4o2.421.2927 Lincoln, NE Dist. Site Hydes Laboratory 817.539.3688 Ft. Hood, TX Dist. Site Treasure Coast 91o.864.8163 Ft. Bragg, NC Dist. Site Southern Breeze 2o5.739.3418 Cullman, AL Dist. Site City Cable 7o1.728.6972 Deering, ND Home BBS Temp. Barter Town 813.544.1492 Pinellas Park,FL Dist. Site Cherokee Nation 5o8.452.2o82 Lowell, MA Dist. Site Phantom Masquerade 7o6.592.o843 Blythe, GA Dist. Site Intergalactic Labyrinth 319.362.9143 Cedar Rapids, IA Dist. Site CRIS 8oo.877.5o45 Bay City, MI Dist. Site Exec-PC 414.789.436o Elm Grove, WI Dist. Site The Last Citadel 419.872.2597 Perrysburg, OH Dist. Site The Tarheel Connection 91o.643.957o Summerfield,NC Dist. Site COMP-U-Sirv 2o5.677.oo78 Dothan, AL Dist. Site INNERlink 5o8.392.1423 Westford, MA Dist. Site The Doghouse 6o8.788.9657 La Crosse,WI Dist. Site Tims House of Fun 3o1.7o5.7115 Waldorf, MD Dist. Site Exaviers Castle BBS 2o3.438.7761 Ridgefield, CT Dist. Site Phiber Optik BBS 916.672.2367 Shingle Springs,CADist. Site Halogen BBS 701.839.3195 Minot, ND Dist. Site This list is based on information initially given by each of the above listed BBSes. If their happens to be a mistake in this listing, or any SysOps wish to have their names added to the list please have them contact me see info below. Also, if you happen to call one of these systems, and our files are not available for download, please let me know and I will delete them from the listing. Thanks, Ron Herr - RaCeR - RaD Ansi Group Methods of Contacting us: US Mail: RaD Ansi Group Intelec Net Ron Herr Ansi Conference c/o Ronnie R. Herr UnI-net Ron Herr Ansi Conference P.O. Box 43 Surrey, ND 58785