rebel nfo by Rage
rebel nfo by Rage
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goodday everyone, this is the 2nd release of RebelArts . i really dont know whatto say in these things, i mean as if your gonna read it anyway, but here it is,
at least u have the cheap backround to look at, kinda boggles your mind eh ?
how such a shitty group got this far . well nothing new besides we got rebelart
on inet, its hooked up to a good web space provider.. 10 fucken megs! not bad ehneway, check out the pack, youll notice that im working more and more with gfx
im just a beginner so dont give me shit bout nothing . Also ive started making
mods for renegade and im including them in our packs so for those of u that use
renegade, go ahead and install em !
listen, we need more users, we currently have 7 members and 1 coder who has
apperantly disapeared off the face of earth, but dont worry, well get im back .anyways just apply.. we need anything litansigfxcourriermodder just join !
plz welcome our 2 new members psyclops, jytd and ghostface our first
international member into rebelart
well obviously the only bbs distro is the whq, so if u wanna be a distro for
our shit, tell me man, anywhere in canada, usa, any continent or even in hell!
just ask me and well hook u up !
rebel art url rebel art whq 514284-9123 the house of madness underground
rebel art distro +61-8-94511673 kinetic karma
rage :can you say im special ?
suicide :why kill yourself when u can kill others ?
satanslayer666 :the icon, the showstopper, the main event
snub :Oh my God! They killed Kenny, You bastard !
jytd :i cant think of anything
ghostface :greetz to: getmerry, damyst, phreak klass and the rest of the
underground perth scene..!