quad-p 02/97 news and information by hiro protagonist
quad-p 02/97 news and information by hiro protagonist
Quad-P 02/97 Periodical
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- hP!
Welcome again to the world of Quad-P. Its been two months since our last
release and in that time a lot has transpired in the art scene. Quad-P has
always gone its own way and I feel this has what has allowed us to survive
and even thrive while other groups have come and gone. Its been an unusual
two years to say the least.. what? did I forget to mention it?
Quad-P was founded some time in 1988 by a couple 306ers with a passion
for h/p/a/v and warez. I entered the group in 1989 just as it was dying its
first death. In 1994 Modal had this wacky idea to bring it back, only to
make it an art group this time around and try to do something positive for
the local scene. Our first pack was 01/95 and ever since weve tried to
find our own way beside the ACiDs and iCEs of power. Weve never been a
very large group or been all that well known by people outside of our local
area code or those envolved in the art scene but we have made progess and
promoted alot of talent along the way. To me, that is all that really
I wont bore you with a long mushy speech or anything here, I just wanted
to thank all our members for their efforts. You might have thought nobody
noticed but youre wrong, I always knew. Mad love.
All in all Ild say this has been a good release for us. Cain was doing
an old school ascii colly but I couldnt hold off the pack any longer, so
look for that next time around. A shout goes to him for wanting to keep his
membership in the group active tho, heh. Thanks to Enigmatic for hooking us
up with a little storage space on his elite alienz.org, expect to see all
the Quad-P packs available there shortly.
If yould like to release with Quad-P there are a few basic things we
need to cover. First of all, Quad-P is not a giant art conglomerate.. we
dont have any dedicated couriers nor do we have group teleconferences. We
also dont have the time to run around and bug members for work.. thats
not how we operate. But if youre looking for a low pressure environment
with a senior staff who encourages you to try new things and experiment..
we may be the group for you. Quad-P is primarily an art group these days,
but if you do something cool and would like to do it with us, let us know!
To apply to Quad-P call ModemLand @ +1-306-652-4359 or email one or all
of the senior members. Weld like to know a little about yourself first
name and voice phone number atleast and to see a sample of whatever it is
yould like to do with the group artwork, code, etc!. Members are
expected to make a contribution to the group atleast every other pack.
See you in 04/97..
Hiro Protagonist
l/-/ /-/ / / hP!
Alias Position Email
Hiro Protagonist Founder hiro@ambient.ops.best.com
Mithrandir Art Coordinator tcennon@eagle.wbm.ca
Windrider INet Coordinator dwb300@mail.usask.ca
Assassin Artist unknown
Cowman Artist unknown
Cain Artist cain@bbs.nexes.com
* El Greco Artist unknown
Jaz Artist unknown
Morphius Artist unknown
Shamen Artist shamen@hotmail.com
Stygian Artist unknown
The Abstract Poet Coder unknown
The High Cog Artist unknown
Email addresses will be updated as they become available. However,
you can contact any member by emailing Mithrandir.
+ Indicates a new member
* Indicates a member pending removal
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// hP! //
Name Phone Position SysOp
ModemLand +1-306-652-4359 World HQ Hiro Protagonist
Corleone +1-306-978-3865 Canada Member The Abstract Poet
Mind Safari +1-403-XXX-XXXX Canada Member Shamen
The Deep +1-403-XXX-XXXX Canada Member Cain
ftp.alienz.org /pub/quad-p FTP Site Enigmatic
We have dropped ALL other sites effective 02/97 until we see the need
for them. If you are not a member and were running a Quad-P bbs we
thank you for your support but we no longer see the need for dist sites
or HQs in countries where we have no members.