TS's 2nd askii colly :) by The Shadow
TS's 2nd askii colly :) by The Shadow
hey, well its The Shadow back ere again, said in my last colly that id
have the 2nd colly done soon well here it is the next day : . most of the
stuff in here is old stuff i found lying around so i wacked it in. got 3 new
pieces of work in here .. so have a gander .. and if you ever want an askii
done .. gimme a call on me board and leave a msg .. and wala you got a askii.
Greets go out to Genocide, Weeping Killer, Ad0lf, Centurion ....
-----/./-- Node I XXX-XXXX-XXXX --./-----
----/./--- Node XXX-XXXX-XXXX ---./----
------------------------ little thingo for a board -------------------------
/TS / /
--------------------------- New User Alias Askii ---------------------------
+ rth K
------------------------- DOB security check askii -------------------------
//+ / :+/ : / ?/
: : / C /
/ / /TS
------------------------- New User Password Askii --------------------------
- C rt K
/ TS/
------------------------ Phone Security check askii ------------------------
i n c u b u s
------------------------- Askii thingo for incubus -------------------------
i n c u b u s
-------- put a bit of colour into the askii and this is what ya get --------
the last 2 items are 10 min jobs .. for incubus .. dunno why i did it .. but
because everyone else whos in pyro has done somethin for incubus theres my
little piece of shit for ya : if you think this is good you need to see a
quack - this is what ya get for quick jobs .. anyway im tired ..
l8r people