Ascii Tutor by Warp
Ascii Tutor by Warp
wARps k-spiffy wittle askii tutorial
YYY aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa YaaY aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !a YY a! ba,....,ad YYY YYY a a a@a,..,a@a
Ok lets get one thing straight askii it preety easy if you try.
Askii is like a art for people who cant do ansi :. Well anyways im
Here to give u some basic techniques on how to get started and such.
So with out any further ado let the show continue.
Step 1: Basic Lines
. ,s / Now this is a easy tecnique that will help for . ,s curves later on now with this u can do block
. .s fonts. For steeper fonts to the . idea.
Step 2: Curves
these are some quick curves i made up
Y Y b d
Y Y aa
Step 3: Messing around
make a shape and carve it all up heres a example to make a logo
,s. weird shape turns into
then u mess with the lines a bit it sayz NEC
s, a s,
now u can boarder it..
. s, a s, .
. a .. . .
. .s4. ,s. .s
theres the finish product.. now u can color this many way but ill do that in
another tutorial..