stepson meets balzak by stepson
stepson meets balzak by stepson
An informational textfile
By Stepson
Well, im sitting at 7-11 one day, i just bought a coke, and was starting on
my double whopper from burger king, and I happened to see Balzak and one of
his buddies, no doubt on his way to a much needed DUA raid or something to
scare attempt to anyway hamilton with. As I am ripping the tomatoes from my
hamburger dont like tomatoes I see Mr. Balzak get into his Moms Ford Taurus.
Balzak doesnt like me too much so he feels it necessary to floor it in reverse
and slam it out of the 7-11 parking lot. I tried to remind him that he WAS
driving a Ford, and that if he kept doing that hed drop his transmission, but
to no avail, he didnt listen to me, that and his engine sounded kind of loud,
mostly due to the fact that i think he broke something when he slammed it from
reverse to drive. Why am I telling you this? Just to show you that even an
old bbs person like Balzak old meaning hes been around for a while longer
than most people in this scene can do cool shit with his moms car. So heres
my two sense, dont buy a Ford.
This has been an informational textfile
By Stepson