resignation letter by iceman
resignation letter by iceman
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.. l e t t e r o f r e s i g n a t i o n ..
for some time now i have dropped completely out of this so called
scene buisness. i really have no idea why i got so wrapped up in
it. i guess it was just cool. for those of you who even give a
rip about me which i assume is all of you, i am no longer going
to be doing ansis, nor any other scene stuff.. i actually have a
outside life now, and have moved on to bigger and better things.
i would like to strongly like to recommend that all ansi artist do
better and try hard. i know what its like. i dont feel that i am
any big shot artist, i just felt i should give some explanation to
why i left without any notification. truly, if you want my opinion,
i think i suck. oh yah, id like to thank blind killer if thats
still his name for letting me see how much time some people actually
have one there hands, and made me realize, hey, im better than this
guy because i dont fucking give a shit about my computer anymore! cya