daydream nation by soul crusher
daydream nation by soul crusher
scpuncdoa 12/08/95
Daydream Nation
6o9 89o - 395
SysGod: Luptin
PuNC World Headquarters
PCBoard v.15.22
Dis pic has been brou
ght ta ya by da bad ass muthafucka called
Crusher. Dis pic has been made for Luptins board Da
ydream Nation and will
be used by him and ONLY him. If ya end up rippin dis
I WILL find ya, rip yer
head off, and shit down yer throat. Dis maybe crude a
n rude but it is very
Greetz go out ta: Luptin, Dragoon Kain, S
tepson, my mutha, my fatha, and all
my crew at DoA and PuNC...
Fuck God, cause there isnt one.
.. which means NO SALVATION!