se7en guys with seven wives by rippa
se7en guys with seven wives by rippa
oh and it IS true you fuckheads from NSW, mr krl and flick could take on
anubis, noodles, krisis, kurrupt, fruitcake, ANY DAY even at ansi. so why
dont you come play with the big boys. you know what they say:
oh dear its an rp ansi.
greets to vejita!, krl, igaus, ck, zv, fv, fil, zII, tnt, c22, 1d
and a huge greet to stone the crow, one of my favourite artists,
ever, may notice the b/g style like his, no its NOT ripped,
i just LOVED the way he used to draw vertical. if you get me.
where the fuck is vejita !@ godamn it.. i thought id act cool
so i greeted lordjazz.
i bet youre god.. rippa actually drew something...
eels good to actually finish the ansi :. anyways, this pic has a funny
kind of story to it. see, i finished the head outline and coloured it, and
didnt know how to finish the rest. i thought hey, itd be cool if she were
holding a sword or a knife. so i drew the knife in and when i took a look
at the pic it reminded me of digivamps friday 13th pic in a quite recent
av pack. so this is a tribute to him, also its a pic dedicated to the new
group se7en. notice how it says seve7, and the 7 is actually part of her
cloak? no? fuck you. oh, i might use that cross as my new sig, dunno.. :.
.. oh, i like it when its in 80x50 more, up to you
.. and what do you mean she has no right arm?@