plfvga memberlist
plfvga memberlist
News p o f f e l i p o f f v g a p a c k III
Hello again, finally were back with our 3rd pack
I really enjoyed to package thisone. It contains
some real quality vgas.Our crew is slowly gettin
bigger, in this pack we welcome Zavior and Semso
to the crew. I would also like to thank Ante for
his really amazing guest art. Well folks, thats
all from me this time. I hope you find this pack
as good as i do. If you want to join our crew,
email me at, or find me on irc on
the efnet channel plf, you can also drop me a
note on icq, my UIN is 734409. Now enjoy the art.
/poffelipoff vga leader da bonehead
Founder: big yellow man
Leader : da b0nehead
Crew : alla xul -
deezack -
spellbinder -
semso -
Guest Artists