"the war" (1939-1996) by USS poffelipoff CREW
"the war" (1939-1996) by USS poffelipoff CREW
the war against fluid 1914-1996
there is no avoiding war
it can only be postponed to
the advantage of other
- Big Yellow Man 1939-1996
if you kill one human
you are a murder.
if you kill 4 million
its statistics
- puppiluppan 1914-1996
poffelipoff basic information:
current head of state poffelipoff: puppiluppan
base of operation: entire world.
military strenght: power ansi graphics and tactical nukes!
economic strenghts: none! instabil
political strenghts: we rule the globe
affilations: nintendo klubben.
ideology: to give the world 1oo pure gummiart which will make the world
happy! and if the world is happy we are happy!
white text, radio operator
grey text, commander puppilupan
black text, officer of defense bigyellowman
USS POFFELIPOFF december 16 1996, 04.23am someware in the atlantic
- cmdr. puppiluppan weve got big probelem with our forces in
northern gothenburg. the fluid forces are taking over with
2 art pack.
- 2 art pax? oh my godness. we have to put in our tactical nukes.
- Silence -
- were not going to launch it, are we?
- oh yes we are.
- but think about the consequences, over 2 million people gonna watch it.
Big Yellow Man enters the room.
- the pack is ready to launch cmdr.?
- are this pack going to take out all the fluid forces?
- OH YES!, cmdr.
- pr plexer too?
- hmm that sucker? of course.
- launch the son-of-bitch.
- ok, cmr.
The crashing sound of an 2k4 modem in action was enough to strip the hair
of your head.
- were connected, sir.
- 2400??, the fluid forces got a bigger modem than we do!!!!
- i dont think so son, weve got the latest high-tech from ACEEX
- they gonna crush us!!!! we have to surrender. aaaaaaah.
- surrender?
- surrender.. is not an option!
executive producers: puppiluppan, bigyellowman