pack15 - news by plf CREW
pack15 - news by plf CREW
p o f f e l i p o f f
Hi!! there you are again! watching another plf pacakge, damnit i phear you
allready. In this pack you will get entertained by the phunk of asskickin
swedish quallity artwork.
Your favorit artgroup is growing even stronger for every day, every year,
every millenium : Thus this its much the same as when we released our
first pack in december 1996 with just two members with no experince in the
soo called scene. The old geniune poffelipoff feeling is back on track soo
just sit back and enjoy if your name isnt something like tmowrhffe then
you can sit and feel discusted by the flowers bees and honey honey produced
this month by your favorite honey manufacturer.
The ascii division has gotten bigger and better then ever with new artists
like absent spinsister, drax and all fresh from remorse emok.
El nio aka dflower has improved his skills theese to last month and were
more then happy to show his new work, it rules you@!! we also have a
newcomer namned zatchmo who made a great contribut for this pack and hope-
fully for the future of plf aswell.
Guest contributes this month bizzarro and a joint by me, sor and zeusII
which was already released kinda sucky but the joint rules :
For all swedish viewers we got the exciting part 2 of our novel about the
king in trouble.
signing off,
big yellow man - president