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POFFELIPOFFS 22ND - lowresolution art production october 1999
Yet another road mark has been set in the artscene history. Were more then
delighted to meet our viewers artcritical eyes. This pack demonsrates the
true strength of a hardworking group.
Since the far out days when man first heard the word poffelipoff alot has
happened. Evolution has made our artistic cells split and the group has
become bigger and bigger.
Many groups has been in the same situation as we are in now but they all have
had a deadly downfall and is now soley a memory.
The question today is, will we go down the same slope as out predecessors?
My firm answar is hell NO! The fame might have brought us over our heads
but we are not turning into an artscene belgian blue. An animal too big,
stiff and slow for its own good but still a quantity supplier of fat meat
for the people who are less demanding.
We want too keep our identity and creativity and supply you with fresh filts
from our non-manipulated animal farm, and do hope that our way of farming
will be the way for the future artscene evolution, into the next millenium.
The last two months has been great for the group. The intresst and activity
among the members has increast. WE got a whole bunch of sweet applys and a
new member. Aron Frick aka. Fever who i belive do not need no further
This is Poffelipoff number 22, soo turn off your modem, work, girl- or
boyfriend!, put on some bossa nova music, put your feet in a footbath,
get a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate with cream on the top and
have a cosy time infront of your screen, cus this is textmode graphics at
its best.
All yours,
Big Yellow PLF president icq: 210826 email: bym@poffelipoff.nu