news pack #14 by plf CREW
news pack #14 by plf CREW
poff eli poff
NEWS 0798
Welcome all of you viewers of 1st class ansee entertainment, we wont let you
down this month either by releasing a non-non-non-excellent artpack cus we
just dont know how to do it here up in the northern part of the great rubber-
planet... I just wanted to anounce that by now all of the great artists in
poffelipoff are even greater that you can imagine soo sit back and enjoy cus
were acctually doing this pack for your enjoyment, are you happy with us
were happy with you! actually Im happy right now cus releasing packs is
still damn exciting and its SUMMER@!!!! we love summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
big yellow man / proud president
Ok... so here i am writing for another plf release again... this package
turned out to be a *! great package despite the lack of my great art
pieces :.... But im a very happy vice prez anyways, we got this great new
ascii artist who joined us this month, Drax... welcome to our crew boyyEE.
Our beloved ascii artist TAS also re?joined this month, now on a high
position... COUNCIL... phear him!
Have a great time looking at this package!!
flexor / also very proud vice president