news january 1997 by poffelipoff crew
news january 1997 by poffelipoff crew
poffelipoff art division - s second artpack january 1997
news januray 1997
tjosan hejsan i finaly realised that the art leader is the laziest
and ugliest sucker on earth cause he couldnt handle the pressure
of writing this info file..
the amount of members in the art division has increased by 1oo two
more members has joined and we do hope that the february release
will be a bit bigger and better then ever so we cherefully welcomes
flexor and superunknown to the poffelipoff family...
in this pack neither flexor or superunknown has drawn anything cause
they got in a little late... but were proud to realese an quite old
unreleased pic by flexor its damn cool i think...
Yo! pup here, fuck off big yellow man here i come, and im bad.
he he just kidding. big yellow man is a damn versittare as we
call it here in the top of the world sweden.
but anyway, i also quite proud about this pack. we are damn cool i
think. enough shit talking.
Here it is, poffelipoff 2nd art release - veni, vidi, vici.
well.. we do need members... right now the gummiboll.arts memberlist
looks like this:
puppiluppan leader , big yellow man slave, flexor now keith flint
cutted and superunknown dunno him ...
a bit short of time right now but more detailed list will come in the
next realese..
get the packs from, ringdown puppiluppan +46.31.204456,
wu-tang +46.31.910904 ...
our homepage isnt finished yet, but you can have a sneak preview at
if you want to email us?
soon we have our own domain. then you can download our latest releases
at cool huh?
if you wanna conntact us via IRC we are almost always availible at plf
at EFNet bigyellowman has the superstrange alias haddock
and i pup i namned puppis.
thats all folks cya l8dah.
puppiluppan bigyellowman