muchas haciendos della notte by insert/hube
muchas haciendos della notte by insert/hube
insert phat and hube phat
h a c i e n d a !
hacienda op: Tricyckle phat
-------------------------------- kut ----------------------------------------
i was chatting with hube and tought that we could do a joint prod..
he agreed and we wondered that whaddafuk are we gonna do and i said that
how about tricycles board
..he is the other leader of phat anyway, ya know.. so we did this..
hmm... ive never made a joint-ansi before. actually this was kinda
cool thing to do. i think... i dont know what i think... i mean, insert can
make cool pics and i like making logos. yeah. read more from my logocluster :
... kewl. this colord kinda roks or something? :
-insertphat picture
-hubephat logo
1oo per cent original picturelogo for tricycle only!
rippers burn in hell!