phat nfo-sheet for february 1997 by phat seniors
phat nfo-sheet for february 1997 by phat seniors
phat studios february 1997
member/site listing
a r t i s t s !
alecs ansiasciivga germany
blade asciilit germany
borger ascii swiss
christbane ansi germany
* chronicc ansi canada
* dodge ansiascii germany
dreadnought ansi usa
hube ansiascii finland insert ansiasciilit finland
* intrepid ansiascii canada
* jump ansi germany
masterbeat ansiascii germany
* m0! ansiascii germany
noize ansiascii germany
primemover ansi germany
skullrazor ansiascii netherlands
* spinn ansiascii croatia
* srj ansiripvga germany
* the trasher ansi canada
trc ansivga germany
walker asciilit germany
wiktor ansiascii germany
red asterics indicates inactivity warning, green new members.
c o d e r s !
alecs asm germany
blade asmppe germany
* cyanosis asmppe netherlands
* drice asm germany
masterbeat pex germany
* m0! asm germany
shadow killer asm canada
* the thrasher asm canada
red asterics means inactivity warning, green new members.
b o a r d s !
shelter base memberboard 64ooo +49-8141-34445 artfront memberboard 288oo +358-3askforit
closed system memberboard 288oo +49-soon.public
dust memberboard 288oo +1-2o4-261-3567
hacienda memberboard 28ooo +49-5o32-94738
haciend el bananas memberboard 288oo +358-3-753o428
lost destiny memberboard 288oo +31-3o-2287842
morals obscure memberboard 336oo +1-204-775-4593
neurosis memberboard 288oo +1-2o4-private
outpost memberboard 288oo +31-345-6164o2 rave zone memberboard 144oo +49-89-6376483
sacred grounds memberboard 288oo +32-11-273ooo
spiritual reality memberboard 288oo WhoCaresAnyway
spirit world memberboard 64ooo +49-893292864o
spitfire memberboard 288oo +49-7o2-55121
system x wad memberboard 64ooo +49-531-13714
wicked city memberboard 64ooo +49-235186o578
wicked city memberboard 288oo +1-213-25o-975o
unknown d-menxion argentinia 288oo +54-1-866-4987
acheron australia 288oo +61-732-56o758
cyberdyne systems belgium 288oo +32-16-4o5652
graint shot brazil 336oo +55-21-5364942
neosporin canada 288oo +1-6o4-9429772
pound croatia 144oo +385-1-215-132
the incredible machine danmark 64ooo +45-3673-1662
codex finland 288oo +358-o-5121413
the heatwave finland 288oo +358-9-341518
hallucinogen france 288oo +33-1-45o64561
underground cafe france 288oo +33-1-4516519o
vipers palace netherlands 336oo +31-317-316981
digital motion norway 288oo +47-2225-?????
slam city norway 288oo +47-225o-9492
no mercy poland 288oo +48-22-718157
deep space russia 336oo +7-o95-126817o
moose city sweden 288oo +46-8-55o16892
spantobi sweden 288oo +46-18-252-815
blue water swiss 288oo +41-81-9474232
rave base swiss 288oo +41-22-3485521
underworld swiss 288oo +41-22-7769331
suicidal tendencies uk 288oo +44-1462-422275
the unholy temple uk 288oo +44-161-4278214
urban kaoz uk 288oo +44-181-548115o
alcatraz island usa 288oo +1-714-969665o
batkave usa 288oo +1-2o6-2427645 daydream nation usa 288oo +1-6o9-89o3955
demons den usa 288oo +1-213-662o971
holistic society usa 288oo +1-3o5-2531882
unknown reason usa 288oo +1-7o3-9241176
i n t e r n e t !
irc phat
e-mail group
e-mail artist
r e s p e c t !
aegis corp. ambush black maiden blood
boogie down productions eden ega eternal hate fuel
genetics impact paranoia tiny toons telepathy triloxy
n o t e s !
if you want to join,
feel free to contact us.
ascii/ansi/vga/rip artists
ppl/pex/asm/c/pascal coders
in this case, drop an e-mail to: or
.. or call one of the memberboards
infofile design by noize and tRc.
send additions/corrections/suggestions to one of the seniors