logo clusta #1 by jump
logo clusta #1 by jump
a n s i a r t by Jump
ein fettes logo, wie verlangt...ansivergiftungjumpsgiftansees
trates comic tutorial kam ganz juut augenteil jumpc in 97
to my
ansi ansees
phats newsletter style was from the 6oth so i decided to draw
a new one.its an example and so...get your own impression jpc
phat newsletter 1997 january
we are back in 1997
here comes the news blah blah blah newsletter with fresh style
blade said that the letter font sukkz but i in my opinion
its a contrast to the news font... perhaps next time
they will use it as major news-ansee
if you want to use it for some news, feel free to put it into
your package or whatever but leave the credits
omi bbs. mal schauen wie das neue phat package wird.das logo ist
nicht sehr spektakulr aber doch wirksam. my favorite chars are
sie nannten mich auch den lichtenstein der ansees jumpc97
jump. o m n i
manual of information
op : norbert fido: 2:240/5o46
quality since 1733
nodes: ? hdspace: ??? mg
last minute update/ this is a new apply ansee menue not bad perhaps
you can use it for your own board / jumpc97
a p p l y +
the outland bbs
name jump genetics whq
password burton
city powderhill
country mars
simple logoo style . habeinwenigmitshadesrumprobiert.ergebnis??
vielleicht haste selber ne idee ums weiter zu drawen jumpc 97
this logo is a little bit older 3-4 months/its paratoxics board
velocity ansiimore in north germany/ call now mail to jump
v e l o c i t y bbs
freehand style with small letters.its a logo for my own board the
outland bbs / greetz to dr.hex,midge,rayman jumpc in 1997
outland bbs 49.4o.daildie
you see ? several small logos i tried a lot of things and sometimes
something like this is the result. o-ton respect yourself :-
phat ansi-art in 19 by jump
oneby jump
p h a t
watch out for more of my art/you cant reach me via fidonet at the
moment, but in some days i get a new fidonumber and then you can
mail me for questions and more / or write to jump at shelter base