distortion addy by insert
distortion addy by insert
a phat production by insert
mom in da
iN/ yeah, i know -
what a mom!,
where can i get un
aaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh! mom!
my favourite chessboard
is distorted up somehow
d i s t o r t i o n
op : sfinx o kibosh
-------------------------- kut ----------------------------------------------
my first real bbs addy and it turned out like this.. i dont know if it rocks,
you can judge by yourselves..
it looks okee in vga mode :
now when its ready i think it is from Maniac Mansion I
and you know what? its 80 lines!! whee..
and heres a 23 liner logo version
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------dont ask me what it is but its way cool :
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------contact me via email: riku99@sci.fi .. but youll have to pay for this kinda