crY!? by chronicc
crY!? by chronicc
phat productions ansi by: chronicc cc of P H A T
5 0 original 97
+phat attack!
sysop:osiris impact
o b s c u r
impact member site
lewk dawn here
well, osiris.. hope you can use this. hope you like it. i didnt put
in a font
becuase i forgot how to. anyhow, it looks better this way.this is v
er2 ----
oh well, this ansi actually took a bit of time. i think i did an oka
y job. well
i quit impact and stayed in icon. ide like to thank some people: gr
osiris, sandoz, twisted foo, the thrasher, grim, ck, anneurysm, to
on2, trace,
msd, caustik, frosty-, ghetto dweller, everyone in icon+impact+phat,
well, if anyone wants an ansi done by me, for free. you can reach me
1 wasylecz @ stupid internet
2 or if you just wanna talk, you can call me at 1-800-666-LUST whoo
3 another alternative is to reach me on a local bbs: ex: erad
point unknown
morals obscure
ask for a pic or logo. if i like you ill do a pic. then tell me the
name of
your board. then whAM you might get yourself a high quality ansi..
what i usually do:
little pics
lots of logos
sometimes long ones like this
it all depends. so if you cant get anyone to make you ansis, and i
m yourre
last resort. then try.