The Heretic Asylum by Prisoner#1
The Heretic Asylum by Prisoner#1
A special ansi for Jello..
I told you it would be a while
for a pic...was it worth
the wait? The more I see
of the art scene, the
less I like...FiRE
puts the fun back
into it. Later-G
Ol Skool DividerLine
The Heretic Asylum!
Hell, if ya dont know about this board
by now...GET WITH IT! Relic WHQ, a ton
of other affils, sysop-Jello, co-Flood,
duh numba is 404 947-2500. Canadians
are welcome, but please no French in da
message bases... having enough problems
reading the German. The ansis stamped
as an official Herman da Vermin product
licensed to prisonernumberone...later!!
This Okay, Jello?