TFC Menu Set by Prisoner#1
TFC Menu Set by Prisoner#1
Area Change N New Messages
Previous Area P Post A Message
Next Area Q Quit to Main
A Area List R Read Messages
C Chat with Sysop S Scan Messages
E Enter Email T Transfer Menu
G Get Lost Mofo Z Set Scan Area
A Auto Message O Offline Mail
B BBS Listing P Personal Menu
C Chat with Sysop T Transfer Menu
D Doors Menu U User List
E Email Menu V Voting Booth
F Feedback W Want List
G Log Off X Expert Mode
L Log of Callers Y Your Stats
M Message Menu Time Bank
Area Change E Batch Operations Q Quit to Main Menu
Previous Area F Find File Desc. S Search File Spec.
Next Area G Get the Fuck Out T Top File Transfers
A Area List L List Files U Upload
B Batch Flag M Message Menu V View Archive
C Chat with Sysop N New Files Search Y Your File Status
D Download P Pointer Date Z Set Scan Areas