OutWorld Arts News by OutWorld Arts
OutWorld Arts News by OutWorld Arts
October 1997 OutWorld Arts Pack
This artpack contains some Halloween ansi and rip along with a few
miscellaneous graphics. There is plenty of room on each one for you
to put your bbs name on if you find one you want to use.
For those of you who havent been to my web site, I have stopped
the free requests. I didnt have enough time to fill requests,
draw for the artpacks and maintain my web site. I dont think
many of you will miss the requests. Most people never replied
back telling me they received the file, so I am assuming that
they didnt like what I sent, anyway. Of course, some of you were
very specific when you were disappointed in what I sent, even
though you had no idea what you wanted in the first place! G
Now onto what you want to see in the way of graphics in the artpack..
The results from the poll are as follows:
66 -- more ansi
3 -- more RIP 1.54
12 -- more RIP 2
19 -- more Web Graphics
Im still surprised at the number of people wanting more RIP 2. Im
not sure how I will handle this in the artpacks, yet. What I am sure
about, is that most of you want ansi, so thats what I will continue
to do the most of. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.
If you would like to participate in the poll, here is the URL:
I guess thats all of the news for now. I hope you enjoy this artpack
and find something you can use.
Happy Halloween!
Vote on the future of the Artpacks!!!!!
At http://www.outworldarts.com/index.htmlpoll
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