July 1999 OutWorld Arts Pack
Hello! This artpack is a little different in that it has
four animated ansi. They are all similar in that they are
doors opening and closing. Two are simply that, one opens
onto a grim reaper and the other opens onto a treasure chest.
Sort of a you lose or you win thing. The rest are just
standard fair -- menus, full screens, etc. I also created
flags for Australia, Canada, Singapore and the United States.
Hopefully they are accurate, I found images of them on the web.
I plan on having a flag or two each month. I am going to go
through the mailing list and see who lives where. So expect to
see your flag soon if it was not included in this artpack.
Also, Im not abandoning RIP or lost interest in it. I just
havent done any for a while.
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