February 1998 OutWorld Arts Pack
Hi, I tried to work a little harder to draw more graphics for this
months file. I just hope there is some quality mixed in with the
quantity! :
This months artpack has two RIP2 files in it, they have the file
extension .RP2. Your callers have to use RIPTerm 2.X to view these.
You can also use RIPTerm 2.X to view them locally.
There are 3 files from others added to this artpack. QUACKERS.ANS
and AUTUMN.ANS were sent to me by the Sysop of Quackers BBS. The
FXRIP.ZIP file was sent to me from Mike Collard, the creator of
the FX Sound System that uses RIP2. There is a RIP with sound added
and a text file explaining how to use FX Sound.
I guess thats all I have to sayluck you, other than I hope you
find a use for the files in the artpack. Thanks for subscribing or
downloading this file!
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