The naked truth by Gingerlynn
The naked truth by Gingerlynn
warning: explicit content show
Hi! im gingerlynn and i made this ansi for the second opx pack.
this is also my second picture ever. not much time between roller-
blading, aerobics and gym visits, but i hope you enjoy it as much
as i want you to!
thanx goes out to:
deelite/razor1911+balance for beeing my mortal support !
rimfire for his sex tips dirty inspirations
melkor for putting his big nose in my ear every evening!
myself for all the great body i provided! :
but most of all to the greatest of them all,
vain, vain vain for beeing the greatest of them all also my boy-
lotsa love from gingerlynn, and if you want to get hold of me,
call my board at +46-278-611311...
- kisses from ginger!