Lethal Minds by Zeus II
Lethal Minds by Zeus II
Zeus II Just gave You...
Picture: Killrazor c Image
Phontry: All phonts 100 original
Put a whole shitload of affils here
--------------------- And kutt the damn thing here ---------------------------
Yep Everyone. Im back. And the thing is, I was never even gone! Here striking you with another mean ansi from my lab... THIS is the kind of art that rules! Nothing else! If you find this picture of Killrazor in his magazine.. you might notice that its a bit different here. Well, thats what I do, see. I change em a bit. Just to look more groovy. Heres a profile of myself, read it if you like to read.
Real Name: Joel Favourite fellas on the scene:
Handle: Zeus II In no specific order
Age: 16 Conar, Rawlock, Ripper, etc,
Favourite artist: Hmm..Darkforce/int? and everyone contributing to opium.
Years Drawing: 2 approx. Favourite food: Im on a diet .
Method of learning: 100 Self-taught. Home state: Skne, Sweden.
You want an ansi? do this: Call DARKWOOD at +46-46-2110546, and login with
handle VISITOR and password VISITOR . Mess me, and tell me who you are etc,
what you want the ansi for, and a lot of information. Like I said before..
I want to know who I draw for. This account can also be used just to reach
me, if you have something to say. Be seein yaall... //Zeus IIOpium Senior