cOllie #oO2..yEAh!..wOha!.. by (jInx)
cOllie #oO2..yEAh!..wOha!.. by (jInx)
,, P.s@s. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
b,sdb. .d.d Pmy 2nd colly for opium.. greets go to: hi, 4
b .R.d.d dmd,sky,choff,dinin,mav,mdz,scs,wh,hz,psy,bym
P.s ss b. px,rd,32,nibc,fia.. respect goes to fear! .d
P.d . .sS.4
bYP.d @.s
b..db..db..dP ---this IS my official sign, if you hadnt guessed
j i n x opium that already..
okey, so lets get on with this first colly for opium wasnt put
together by me, so it didnt look very good not that i complain! ..but
THIS ONE is gathered by me, so if theres anything you think look like sheat,
something thats great or if you just want to contact me, you can mail me to: ..well, thats that, now..heres the colly!
what: elastic add. for: skylord
PsP 4P ,ss,4sP 4
s,P i db. . elastic .
P ,dJINX@s. : : +46-31-525787 .
P . P . opskylord! :
,b. 4P . rejinx . ,
b. ,4b. ,dSs. ,s
4S@s. ,s@SSs. ,s@SsP
what: dinin - logo.. for: dinin
Sb.4P,sSs. 4P,sSs. 4jInxopium
P b. dPb P4P dPb P4
P,dS 4S@s. dP,dSSb.4 4S@s. dP,dSSb.4
P,d 4P ,d b. 4P ,d b.4
: b,.d b.,d :
what: mcf logo.. for: mcf clan
db db
b. ,dbsdP4b
.db4b.dP s .
: Y db. .
.R: .db :
.. . 4P.
. . : : jinx
Most Common Factor 1997
what: inms logo for: inm
i,dJXb. inm. . .
: 4b.
. b.,dSs,ds. i
b b :
i i i i
l l l l
what: clone logo for: clone nfo?
.sSb. d@s.
,s@P b S jInx
dRs s sSb. ,s@s,. d@s.,sSb. ,s@s,.
. b.d b. b.d b
S S 4 S S
si si iS si s
. y .. Sl .. l .. Sly .. Sly .. .
: :: sl :: l :: sl :: l ::,P :
i S ii iS ii iS ii i ii iSP i
l y ll Ry ll Ry ll RR ll y ll R l
Is4b.sP 4b.eP 4b.,@P. II .4b.,@PsI
4s.. .. . . . . .. .,s@P
i n t e r a c t i v e
what: inms chatlogo for: inm
suddenly, the
shadow of.. . 4b. 4b.sS4b. .
..appears to you!
what: polly planet for: flare
,sS@s, jInx
.s@P 4P 4s.
dP.dP 4b.4b
your stats Pd b4 your stats
all the other all the other
shit, like .. I I shit, like ..
node-numbers, l l node-numbers,
crew, soft.. i i crew, soft..
yeah..ya know : : yeah..ya know
the shit! . . the shit!
i.4s. .sP.i
4b. 4S@s s@SP .dP
4S@s. .s@SP
P o l l y P l a n e t
what: the end greets for: you?!
alright, this collie wasnt xactly gigantic, but i think itll do.. some greez
and all other ppl on irc and on the those i forgot..TOUGH!
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