The Shroom Palace by Multiple Artists
The Shroom Palace by Multiple Artists
This is formaldehydes first ansi ever!
Go easy on it . John doe hasnt drawn fonts by john doe
ansi in over 3 months, so go easy on
him, too. IronGhost doesnt do toon
style ansi, so go lax on him
outline formaldehyde
fonts john doe
touchups ironghost
shroom palace
by julian stardawn
like alice i seem to be
ever changing sizes
a little here and
a lot more there
and it turns me inside out
. like alice it seems to me that the caterpiller who had the hooka was sitting on that mushroom. and zoning
like alice, trapped
in this wonderland
about to be beheade
d but thats ok,
because at least..
the walls are still
G e a R G E A R
the corrosion and conformity that comes from one place.
the shroom palace
cia/one member boards
no juarez
running modded rg 1o-o5
+ the shroom palace formaldehyde / john doe / ironghost +