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y ? .,y@@@. / /. /l ?/
., b@s, l l . . l/. y. ?.
l . P* . ! .,y l i . l i* ! P ,d l * . * . i!
.dP .,sdl .,d lP* .P .ydP. l .,ydPdP .,s! P* . *- P P*b. ., l* .,yy,. ll ,d ?b. .,dP. /byd*?/* ,dP by.?dP.,. . ./@.? ,dP,/ l P*., .,,.
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..*!.dll .. P* .
*?*-dP .. , .,yd/
.. P.P* /.*!!*.
d i v i d e d S K I E S /. .* *@yy@P*
divided skies-for: luke skywalker------------------- - - - -- fuck you -----
Well, heres another beautiful ascii from meatpod. This one is for Luke
Skywalker, my pseudo-local friend and prospective sysop of... you guessed it,
Divided Skies. There are a couple of mistakes that I just cant seem to fix,
and its 24 lines long, making it completely impractical to use for anything,
but hey, what the hell, you know?
A few words about whats going on with me and Sargon, since people have been
asking whats up? Brad recently re-entered the scene after an 7-8 month or
so hiatus, upon which he joined Remorse ascii. In the ascii he released in
pack 20, he voiced a few opinions that pissed off a few people, myself
included. I said some obnoxious things myself, we got into a big argument, but
I think things are pretty much resolved now. Brad will be staying in Remorse,
Ill be working with Konami and the Odelay senior staff to get Odelay pumped
up. Homo will not be reforming at the moment, although future circumstances
may allow for its existance. Hopefully we can all be friends.
Ive got to say, however, now that Ive got the podium, that Sargon does not
know as much as he thinks he does about the scene, nor can he predict me as
well as he thinks he can. And when it comes to wanting to be in a big
powerful group, judge not lest ye be judged -- if you keep your motives secret
from me, Brad, do not assume that I am showing you my full deck either.
Thats all. Peace, really.