.% 08/97 group newz %. by darky'
.% 08/97 group newz %. by darky'
dky nph
n e w z l e t t a h
hi there! wow.. there are so many thingz that changed since
last pack.. that i really dont know what ta begin with.. ok
lets start with membahz.. as the memberlist generally gets
updated each month..
babyloon joined as both a coder and an askii artist.. he iz
very active in the demo scene, as he still works for zen n
4 other coderz joined this month.. sandworm, sysop of ghost
city and defiance member.. also drawz ansi/ascii.. whereaz
severe trauma codez in ppe/exe/html. james, sysop of the up
coming flip bbs, also joined as ppe coder and ansi artist..
as well as cleaner, sysop of the prophecy and member of two
other demo groups fire dream and adrenaline pc who joined
as ansi/ascii artist and ppe coder.
last but not least, mr.splif, very well known on the french
scene, accepted to join us to make the group representative
of the art scene in france.
..ok, here it is for memberz.
now lets talk of something of great importance.. nphs zik
section.. yes.. right.. kromozome, founded by gOO-r00.. one
of the best french muzik groupz joined nph.. as a muzik sub
-label.. you can find the releases under the name of KMZ*.*
hey! what a month right? well.. iam quite happy to see such
a group grow up and become kewl.. in a country like france,
where they hadnt been any active art group for long..
as i want nitrophusion to be gr8.. an international section
will be opened next month.. in order to bring more quality
artists to contribute to nph packs.. i still want to gather
the french scene.. but doing this is not enough to make nph
good.. well also try to release one pack a month.. because
until now.. releases werent numerous its gonna change!!!
were also setting up an art network called nitronet, so if
youre a sysop and are interested in joining the net.. call
datacrawler or divide by zero to get infoz..
thats it.. up for this month
darky / nph