AnsiTrek 2.2 infofile by Noel Gamboa
AnsiTrek 2.2 infofile by Noel Gamboa
AnsiTrek 2.2 May 1990
c copyright 1989-1990 Noel Gamboa
AnsiTrek is a clip-art collection of Star Trek-related drawings,
which I made to help sysops create fancy screens for their BBSs.
The drawings are composed of ASCII characters some use IBMs extended
ASCII and may be copied or pasted onto any screen using an ANSI
editor, such as TheDraw which by the way is an excellent program.
They drawings may be freely used without permission. My only request
is that my name be in the same screen as my drawings as follows:
Ansi Graphics by Noel Gamboa
The screens may not be altered in any way, except to add a BBSs
name, number, and other pertinent information. Any major alteration
will require my permission. This restriction is intended to maintain
the quality of the screens when presented on a BBS.
Archive Contents:
1701.ANS USS Enterprise NCC-1701 side and front
1701A.ANS USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A side and front
1701D.ANS USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D side and front
1701TOP.ANS USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A top view the
motion in this drawing is produced not by
ANSI animation but merely by screen scrolling
BOP.ANS Klingon Bird of Prey, side and front view
BOPWING.ANS Klingon Bird of Prey, front view, with
animated wings this is an example of how
the drawings here can be animated
* DATA.ANS Lieutenant Commander Data
* KLINGON.ANS brooding Klingon warrior
* LIVELONG.ANS close-up of Spock with Vulcan hand sign
* PICARD.ANS Captain Picard my favorite drawing
* RIKER.ANS Commander Riker, NCC-1701-D background
SHIPS.ANS Excelsior-class ship side view
NCC-1701-D ShuttleCraft side view
NCC-1701-A side view smaller drawing
* SPOCK.ANS Science Officer Spock, NCC-1701 background
* STCOMAND.ANS Star Trek Command Insignia
* STTMP.ANS Star Trek The Motion Picture logo
* STTNG.ANS Star Trek The Next Generation logo
* STTNG2.ANS Star Trek The Next Generation logo, small letters
* STTNG3D.ANS Star Trek The Next Generation logo, 3-D effect
* STTOS.ANS Star Trek The Original Series logo
READ.ME This file
* indicates use of IBMs extended ASCII
I would be very pleased to hear from people especially Sysops who
find the drawings useful. I can be contected through RIME tm
RelayNets StarTrek or Ansi Code conferences, or directly through
dBored San Diego 619-748-3644, 1200/2400/9600 HST. By the way,
I also do custom ANSI screens, both Trek and non-Trek.
I am not asking for money in return for the use of these screens,
but any donations are welcome and will be used in registering
shareware ANSI tools. Those who send donations of 15 or more
will receive a custom ANSI screen. Please send your check or
money order to:
Noel Gamboa
8817 Capricorn Way
San Diego, CA 92126
U.S.S. Enterprise is a TradeMark and Star Trek is a Registered
Trademark of Paramount Pictures Corporation. The author of the
files contained in this archive is not attempting to infringe on
Paramounts rights.