Slava Ukraini! by nitron
Slava Ukraini! by nitron
n 21 February 2022, the Russian government claimed that Ukrainian shelling had destroyed an FSB border facility on the Russia Ukraine border, and claimed that it ad killed 5 Ukrainian soldiers who tried erritory. Ukraine denied being involved in involved in both incident and called them a false flag On the ussian President Vladimir Putin order by Russi surrounded the city ously concentrated along the border. The invasion followed by targeted air Air raid sirens were heard throughou e day. Ukraines ICT infrastructure has already deteriorated as a result of Russian cyber-attacks and Several Ukrainian cities or building including the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.However, 6700 protesters have been arrested eeting more r in advance towards Kyiv than they a staement repeated by James Heappey, Britains current Minister for the Armed Forces the next day a shelling the Zaporizhzhia nuclear Russiahas previoslymade bseless clims about humanitarian workers in Syria being involved in st said the talks did not deliver th thoudelsatohsutoorganization of humanitarian corridores. Speaking also noted that Russia is facing attacks by Russian forces on civilian areas4 On Tuesday, Freedom Square was li not a random 4issileS In his European Parliament addr Russians knew what th This morning was a very tragic burned down the Museu two cruise missiles hiTKharkiv town of Ivankiv. The4 what was likely a missile strik condemned Russia for5 against the Chaika area in western linked to the history strike caused considerable dama ulture in Ukraine, wh tomulti-storybuildings opera house and Philh attacks on resident common heritage, the condemning Belarus too often the target1 for enabling Put erasing the memory of of Ukraine. I ha welcome this investig has used cluster Putin and the presede seen reports of Belarus are held acco other types of for 4hat they do, he weapons which thermobaric vaccumg violate intern issued a stark warnin Babyn Yar law Do not commi dwar cr to reduce the l an initial explosion on im5ouldersare ying risk of misc s during a k s cil culation by bu e eet in K t w cas communicate an s t sh g t e f des in real ti viol attack o c power plant i raine by Ru n troops, t ted Nations Security il lower ope treaty a senior official of Ukraines governing party who also ticipated in the talk id t level, K NATO fo negotiators suggested a 30-kilometer conflict-free zone around all nuclear facilities 4staffed a no-fly z o evidence to support the claim. Russia has previously made baseless claims about hu establis stopPuti ists working in Ukraine have extensively documented the heavy shelling of Kharkiv by specific y r ect attacks on a massive Russian convoy outside Kyiv, coupled with a destroyed brid jected thfo retains a signif Putins lies n its air combat power, as Russia remains unable to fly-zone stp al and sustainment issues have also contributed to the slow advance of the convoy. protocol unof ian air force still has fighter jets, helicopters and drones available, though th
Today we shUk l bunker outside Moscow ssian actions and inoperability, the official added. Fur gly face Za g iden has not said that any of Russias aggressio civilian infrastructure to war c war erupti has given brief remarks multiple times today in Brussels, but he has not mention orders. An ve resigned before airing Tchaikovskys Swan Lake, in a Soviet-era signal of pol ns are bo ry. Russian state media anded that the media cover the invasion of Ukraine in s ng, hospi ing a threat of closure from the authorities. The stations entire staff resign schools, no to war befo Russian warship, go fuck yourself! fuck yourself, may still an casua id the 13 border guards had died after refusing to surrender Snake Island, w barbaria list of sanctions has been extended accordingly. According to the governmen told jou is compat siezed their assets lity. The export of all dual-use items to R meeting on the individuals on the list persons adopted by the EU on 28 Febrary to Ann
pealed for Russi re ian ce and thereby freeze the assets of further persons with close ties to Ru
to stop the shelling a is nort meters more than 15 miles enacted sanctions n forces remain 10 kilomet
bombing. Putin has to is also seeiting between the Ukranians and Russians near the city of Mykolaiv in the so s stock market closed e were all bombed in Kyiv last night. And we all died again in Babyn Yar - from a missile stri
We remain united in o lace of prayer. A place of remembrance for the hundred thousand people killed by the Nazis. Th sk for this war to stop. ou are killing holocause victim they are trying to erase the Ukrainian people, and culture seco d the killing of innocen etween 1941 and 1943. Putin seeks to distort and manipulate the Holocaust to justify an illleg dded. The EU diplomacy4chi atic country which is utterly abhorrent. It is symbolic that he starts attacking Kyiv by bombi man Rights Council would s red cluster munitions into at least three residential areas in Kharkiv, Ukraines second largest
ission in order to assess cluster munitions os and photographs reveal the use of submunitions delivered by Russian-made 9M ation of human rights which This is the price of freedom, Presi Every square will be called Freedom Square no military tar ing right now in Ukranian t ting the local government building and exploding, causing a massive fireball and blowing out win attacks intensified on Khar The defiant Ukranian president has posted videos from the street to encourage citizens to keep f a war crimes out 1.5 millio ted videos from the streets of Kyiv to encourage citizens to keep fighting as Russian forces see of slow annihilation of t ve withstood and are successfully repelling enemy attacks. The fighting goes on, he said in a vi itary. We have observed Ru I am here. The fight is here, I need ammunition, not a ride. down arms. We will be defending our tinue to advance on Mauriu our weapon is the truth, and our truth is that this is our land, our country, our children, and we wi that theyre in there and edian-turned-statesman had once seemed inconsistent, berating the West for fearmongering one day, and ombarding that city as wel his bravery and refusal to leave as rockets have rained down on the capital have made him an unlikely f ruble has crashed has sa ro for the 21st century. In an address, Mr Zelensky said: We are defending the country, the land of5 ussians want to move on Ma iv and key cities around the capital are controlled by our army. The occupiers wanted to block the ce s moving up that coast to oke their Our military is here. Citizens in society are here. Were all here defending We broke their f Azov, the official adde We wont lay down our arms. We will our independance, our country, and it will stay this way. the cit In the genocid of the Ukra Mr Wallace said Mr Putin was engaged in a battle of rhetoric by trying to remind the world he had a to really being on the out behind schedule on its invasion of Ukraine and Ukrainians were putting up a very strong fight. Mr Put se of the way the city is ternational condemnation, with the US branding it an unacceptable escalation. In the absence of a quic rson has been taken by Rus g we are no enact a no-fly zone is conflict, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told a news conferenc