P E N G U I N P A R T Y !
wave your fins
like youre just
not caring...
... then sit down
and eat a herring!
celebrates pinguino, our 44th most active member ever!
MiSTiGRiS salutes Pinguino
on the grand occasion of her
birthday by cracking open the Mist
Classic back vaults and mining our iQ
archives for penguin ANSI.
penguANSI if you will.
divorced of all context, assembled from ancient
artifacts from the distant and hazy past, originally
drawn by:
alan smithee
tribe! aka the 4th disciple
and quip
now Cthulu is going nutso trying unsuccessfully to dig
up an ancient poem he co-wrote with Zamfir Worshipper
entitled Ode to a Penguin. alas!
It would have been an apt closer, wrapping:
now and for always, tomorrow, forever
hand in hand, and hand in feather.