With the enemy defeated, the revolutionaries
fought amongst themselves.
Zapata and Pancho Villa allied themselves against
Carranza who they suspected would pursue his own
goals rather than the will of the people.
In April 1915, Carranzas most capable general
attacked Villa and inflicted heavy losses on him.
Villa crossed into Sonora to attack Carranzas force
with the intention of crushing it, but failed. Some
of Villas men defected to Carranza. With only 200
loyal fighters, they retreated into the mountains of
Chihuahua and fought only guerrilla battles. His
influence on the revolution was at an end and the US
sided with Carranza.
The revolution raged on with Carranza preoccupied
with battling Zapata. In May 1920, Carranza and his
advisors were assassinated. Villa no longer had any
adversaries left alive and so negociated a peace
treaty with the government and retired.