r e v o l u t i o n
The elite that rule the world want you to forget that
revolution is a thing.
The briefest examination of history shows that the
oppresed eventually overcome those that limit freedom.
Freedom is Gods gift to man. Men have united and won
against the greatest powers the world has ever known.
All that you need is people who no longer want to be
controlled by those who enrich themselves rather than
the collective. Men can only be dominated by those
he himself consents to. This is the original deal with
the devil.
Forget the lies of the television, these are the real heroes, flawed men
who thought society should be governed by those who are a part of it.
Oligarchs or a foreign power have no right to subjugate others. Their
claim to rule is false, and can be removed through revolution.
Executive Producer
Mad Dog
Writer Researcher
Orange Zaarin